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Packed with Features
Packed with Features
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Match'em All

Welcome to Dreemchest! Dreemchest is an amazing 2D development engine packed with features. Create beautiful games, graphically-rich apps or eBooks and deploy them across platforms and devices. Making cross-platform and cross-resolution applications has never been easier before!

Top Features in Dreemchest Engine

Hardware Accelerated Graphics

Highly optimized engine core written in C++ uses hardware acceleration to render sprites. In order to improve rendering speed, texture atlases are used by Dreemchest, combined with automatic sprite batching this gives you a blazing fast rendering.

WYSIWYG editor

A powerful tool to manage your projects and assets. Drag and drop assets to build levels and menus without writing a single line of code. Dreemchest Composer gives you the possibility of creating first prototype of your app in record time.

Adobe(R) Flash(R) UIs

Leverage the power of the Adobe(R) Flash(R) IDE to create stunning UIs for your applications and games. Create hardware-accelerated game menus, animated user interface that run smoothly on iOS and Android devices.

Localization System

Translate your games to as many languages as you wish! Once your game is ready in one language, add new strings to spreadsheet and you'll have French, Japanese, Russian and any other language in your game with no additional effort.

Streaming and DLC

Easily create loading screens, load or unload resources at any time. Extend released applications with downloadable content.

Simplicity and Flexibility

Simple to use, simple to learn, fast and flexible Lua scripting makes this engine excelent solution for any kind of developer from beginner to advanced.